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Follow our latest news, developments and latest deals and offers by following our Stag and Hen World Weekly Blog

For the latest activity details, promotions and deals check in and make sure your making the most of your weekend with us!!

Update - 16th May 2011

The Stag and Hen Team are working very hard on several sections of the site that are to be launched by the end of May 2011, the deadlines are tight and there is a huge amount of work needing to be done.All in the benefit of our customers and being able to provide even better stag weekends in Nottingham and hen weekends in Nottingham and of course since Jan 2010 Stag weekends in london and also hen weekends in London.

As you may have found out inadvertently sections include the hen night t-shirt and stag night t-shirt section of the site, the London Overview section and both the Nottingham events and London Events sections.

The Bars, Clubs and Restaurant sections ( on the left menu ) are being pushed back until June 30th in both Nottingham and London, which aims to provide stag weekends in nottingham and hen parties in nottingham the very best deals as well as London stag and hen party groups. We will keep you posted on any developments as they happen next Monday 22nd May 2011, Stag and Hen Team.

Update - 23rd May 2011

The May update is slightly behind schedule as we try to add over 10 different new sections to improve our service to our customers and provide even more great money saving ideas for their Stag night in Nottingham or hen party in Nottingham.

The hen night tshirts and stag night tshirts are complete and ready to go up on the site into the new hen night tshirt and stag night tshirt section on our homepage, should be complete on time 7 days to go

London hen night and Nottingham hen night event information to be added to the homepage as well as the stag night in london event info and stag night in Nottingham event info, which aims to provide an insight into events in and around the city that may sway your event dates to coincide with festivals, events in and around Nottingham and London to make your special stag do or hen party weekend extra special.

We will keep you posted on any developments as they happen next Monday 30th May 2011, Stag night and Hen night Team.

Update - 31st May 2011

After the long bank holiday weekend the stag and hen world team are back fully invigorated to bring you our quality promise and even better deals and ideas so you can plan the best Stag or Hen Weekend Ever

The Perfect Stag and Hen Ingredients

We have been thinking of what the key elements to the most memorable stag or hen weekends are and poplar consensus are the following:

3 or 4 day Stag or Hen Weekends ?

The question of the week seems to be how long a stag or hen weekend should be these days, commonly stag nights and hen nights last Friday until Sunday - 3 days but more common in the last year are the 4 day Stag and hen Weekend, and we think why not the bigger the better and more memorable. So lets think about this:

  • Take Thursday and Friday off Work
  • Arrive Thursday Night
  • Have a Meal and welcome drinks - Nothing too heavy
  • Friday - 1st Full Activity Day
  • Friday Night Clubbing or first evening Activity - Heavier but need to wake up early
  • Saturday 2nd Full Activity Day
  • Saturday Night - The BIG night out
  • Sunday - Late wake up - Spa day Lunch and slowly head home

Other continual updates

We continue to improve the site overall for our customers, ever trying to provide everything you need on one site. This week will see the deals of the month on the homepage for both the stag dos in London and Stag dos in Nottingham as well as deals for the hen parties in London and Hen parties in Nottingham. This Weekend should also see the events pages completed events in Nottingham and events in London sections after the overview sections were completed last week. And dont forget to check out our new stag night tshirts and hen night tshirts page

We will keep you posted on any new developments as they happen and our progress next Monday 6th June 2011, Stag night and Hen night Team.

Stag and Hen World Update - 6th June 2011

Nottingham Events

This week sees the putting together of the Nottingham event section amongst other things, we feel its important to give something back to Nottingham and make sure you enjoy the history of Nottingham while on your Nottingham stag do or Nottingham hen party

London Deals & Nottingham Deals

This week will also see the introduction of the London deals and Nottingham deals of the Month section on the homepage and on the activities themselves, you will see significant discounts on popular activities in both nottingham and london. The discounts are for one month only and once you book it it's yours whether your on a stag night in nottingham or a hen party in nottingham once its booked its yours

Nottingham Medieval banquet is back

This week also sees additional activities being added such as the new Nottingham Medieval Banquet which is back by popular demand for the summer of 2011 and beyond

Special price on the White Water Rafting in Nottingham

As the summer approaches fast we thought we should give you somethingto get you a bit wet, so white water rafting was our answer, so take advantage of the good weather and great price and book white water rafting today

Thats about it for this week, check back next week for the latest info at Stag and Hen World

Stag and Hen World Update 13th June 2011

Some new activities and add ons coming very soon

We have some exciting new activity deals and new activities altogether in both Nottingham and London, which is exiciting for us and of course our stag and hen weekends in London and Stag and hen parties in Nottingham.

Bars,Clubs,Resturants deals are being pushed back
Once again were pushing this project back until the end of July. We have so many projects going on, so we have to prioritise as the moment and we feel new activities and add on's to exisiting activities are more important right now.

Stag Weekends in London and Hen Parties in London

Groups planning to attend London can expect the activity list to extend a little by the end of the month with a few exciting activities for both the stags and hens in London. Some exciting london activities to be added in the next couple weeks

Stag nights in Nottingham and hen nights in Nottingham

Also coming in the next couple weeks is the introduction of a few very special deals better than the deal of the month actually so keep posted through July. Some new and exciting activities being added to the Nottingham section too

Working hard to bring you the best prices in the UK

We are working hard to make sure we bring you the best hen night in London and stag night in London deals, so you dont need to look anywhere else and we are doing the same in Nottingham to make sure that you get the very best deals and can be confident they are great value deals for your hen party in Nottingham and stag do in Nottingham

Thats all for this week - Next update 20th June 2011

Update - 20th June 2011

As the Summer comes... hit the outdoors

As we close on another month and edge closer and closer towards the summer weather, its time to include some of our fantastic outdoor activities to your stag night or hen night package. These may include the Its a knockout in Nottingham or perhaps the assault course in Nottingham or if your thinking London then there's watersports in London and outdoor paintball in London too

Some exciting prices

We have already added some fantastic deals to wet your appetite as deals of the month but have added a few specials throughout the site too, which is fantastic for anyone looking for a stag or hen weekend in London or Nottingham this Summer or Autumn.

Exciting Filming opportunity

We have linked up with a few TV companies in the UK and Europe to provide our groups some exciting stag and hen gifts and pranks and dares for their weekend in exchange for parts of their stag and hen weekends to be filmed. Were sure most groups wouldnt mind a bit of filming of their weekend, so this is sure to be great for our groups

Thats all for this week - Last update of June next week 27th June

Update 27th June 2011

Rounding up June

Stag and Hen World have been working hard to continually maintain the standard we set for ourselves and bring our customers the best activities around in both London and Nottingham for the stag do in London and Hen party in london too.

The Summer is finally here...

With the Summer around the corner we expect a busy 3 months as the Stag and Hen Season comes into force and the weather gets better, fingers crossed. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to make sure that we continue and maintain our ability to provide a quality service to our customers and June has been a busy month indeed and we expect July to be even busy

Great Activities when the Weathers Great ...

Watersports is where we will start and we have it in Nottingham and London, we have waterskiing and wakeboarding available in London and we have white waterrafting and also water skiing available in Nottingham. Outdoor activities are the obvious choice and if its just too hot then head indoors for some indoor paintballing or a makeover photoshoot or pop video for the girls.

Update 4th July 2011

Summer has arrived...

Finally the Summer has arrived and the weather is noticably better and we are prepared for a very busy 3 months to end the season for 2011. July August and September ( yes September ) are busy busy, as September has become better known for still holding out with long summer days and nights it's still a very busy period

Sticking with the June deals through July...

If you missed out on the fantastic activity deals in London and Nottingham in June then not to worry as we have extended them into July for the Real start to the Summer. We have some fantastic deals on offer to check out the deals on our homepage.

Activities descriptions...

We have gone through our activity descriptions to make sure we have provided you with as much info as possible and this is something we are making some big changes to through the Summer so we will be working hard through July to make sure you get the best possible info to make a quick yet wise decision on which activities to add to your weekend package in Nottingham or London whether on a stag do in London or hen night in London or likewise in Nottingham.

Update 18th July 2011

The Summer Sale @ Stag and Hen World

In line with the Summer period we thought it was a good time to offer our previous customers and potential customers the best deals we could. We have discounted almost all of our activities in both London and Nottingham, so we can offer those having a stag weekend or hen weekend great Summer prices.

July Deals for 2011

As well as discounting nearly all of our activities we have updated our July deals to reflect the sale, although we will look to further discount these deals for August so you get an even better rate than the Stag and Hen World Summer Sale deals

August & September

With many Stag and Hen Groups still having their Stag nights and hen nights in August and September, the summer sale at Stag and Hen World will stretch into September to make sure those last minute Stag do's in London and hen parties in London get the very best deals as well as the Stag and Hen nights in Nottingham. With the weather not being the best and brightest throughout July we fully expect an even later Summer perhaps stretching far into mid October

Don't forget the extras for your Stag or Hen Weekend

The little extras that make the weekend perfect, we think are The Stag and Hen Tshirts, The Dares and Pranks for the weekend and fancy dress. And now recently added the face masks. Which you can get printed with the stag or hens face on and hit the town as your friend x 10, Brilliant!

Update 25th July 2011

Some new activities in Nottingham for the Summer of 2011

We have added a few new activities for our Nottingham stag do's and hen do's. Some of these are long over due, however we have some new exciting activities in nottingham such as Aqua Sphereing and Pitch Black Sphereing...will you be brave enough to try it.

2 new Murder mystery Events

So we now have available in Nottingham...Murder Mystery with dinner on a 3 hour cruise and Murder mystery on dry land in the comfort of a nice hotel. Both Murder Mystery sessions are approximately 3 hours and include evening dinner. Murder Mystery @ a Nottingham Hotel has a 3 course meal, welcome cocktail and 1/2 bottle of wine each...Fantastic Weekend activities in Nottingham

New Activity price Combo's

We have added a lot more activity combo's... so for example if you book one activity we will give you the 2nd activity at a better rate than we would normally...so it pays to do more than just the one activity. More fun and save more money just how it should be.

Some new activities coming soon in London

To conclude July, we will be bringing a few more exciting activities for our London hen nights and London stag nights, which will also see some of our price combos, check in with us in August to see some amazing new London Activities

That's all for this week...Next Update 1st August 2011

Update - 1st August 2011

In the heart of Summer

With the weather getting progressively better, we will be further discounting our Water Activities, so you as our stag and hen party groups can make the most of them this Summer in Nottingham and London. Following on from the July Sale which saw many activities reduced to fantastic value for money, August will see further reductions in these areas

Dance Activities in Nottingham

Perhaps long long overdue, we have added our London dance activities to our Nottingham Activity section, ever popular these are sure to be a hit with the people of Nottingham and visiting Stag and Hen Parties. With the new opportunity to take part in a 2 hour Grease the Musical dance class, Belly Dancing Class or perhaps a spot of Bollywood Dancing theres sure to be something for everyone.

Sushi Making and Chocolate Making

Something new to both London and Nottingham are the sushi and Chocolate making slightly more expensive than the dance classes this premium activity is sure to be very popular. Learn the technicalities of Japanese Sushi making and the essential ingredients as you learn the techniques and tricks of the trade to make the perfect Sushi on this 2 hour course

Discounted Cocktail Making with any dance class or premium art activity

Add Cocktail Making before or after any dance, sushi or chocolate making class and get it at a discounted rate for the group. A great way to start the afternoon or relax after an exhilarating dance activity, 2 time slots available in London and Nottingham

More new London activities to come...

Still to come, are many more fun and exciting London Activities a few involving semi-naked men and women so keep an eye peeled for these new and fantastic activities to spice up your London stag or hen weekend package in 2011

Next Update - 8th August 2011

Update 8th August 2011

New activities in Nottingham and London

We have updated our Nottingham and London sections to bring you some more activities in both areas with even more coming in London very soon. We will be working hard throughout august to bring you even better deals and a better experience with Stag and Hen World.

August & September ...

With more and more people extending their 2011 stag and hen do's into September the next two months will be a very busy time @ Stag and Hen World providing more Stag nights in london and hen nights in London too. August is a very busy month for us as we continue to improve what we offer and how we offer it. We will continue to work hard behind the scenes to make sure you as the customer get the very best experience with us.

A few more key Nottingham activities coming soon...

Even after updating our Nottingham activities there are still about 5 more we would like to bring to Nottingham to improve our offerings and provide our customers with the best possible activities available so keep an eye peeled for that in early August.

Next update 15th August 2011

Update 15th August 2011

New London Activities added...

We have added plenty new London Activities to give us customers the very best of what's on offer for Stag and Hen Weekends in London, and even after adding so long overdue activities we have 20 more to add before the new 2012 stag and hen season.

Customer photos in Nottingham and London

We've added some of our best customers photos, so if your thinking of entering photo or video of the month then this is the standard that's being set. We will be picking our photo and video of the month at the end of September, so keep an eye peeled for the winner, winners will be emailed on the day. We are looking forward to picking the best photo and video of the term and there is still about 6 weeks to get your stag and hen night photos in to us.

Printing your stag and hen night t-shirts

We've also added some new photos of our Stag and Hen T-shirts to the site and we are now able to offer this extra service for our groups. Make sure you get your shirt before you head off on your stag or hen weekend with us. Please note all shirts currently do come with our website and name stamped on the bottom, and we will be putting these on sale from September and adding some new promotions.

Heading into the bottom half of August ...

With the 2011 season gradually tailing off, we are working week in week out to make sure we are providing everything we can for our groups and will soon be preparing for 2011-2012 season. With the best part of the Summer hopefully still to come we look forward to still welcoming many more groups in 2011.

Next Update - 22nd August 2011

Update 22nd August 2011

The last full week of August

A final push for Stag and Hen World as August draws nearer to a close, Stag weekends in Nottingham and hen weekends in Nottingham can now draw on a wider range of activities and the stag do in london and hen do in london can be more adventurous on their weekends too. Last week saw several areas of the site get a quick spruce up and revamp and we're please that it looks better than it ever has.

Lots going on in September...

There is another long week ahead as we try clear the way for September and get many small jobs out the way and a few more big changes that have all been put off for far too long completed. With many behind the scenes tweaks and improvements taking place the major changes will be happening to the site and there maybe some slight disruptions to our services this week.

Overall Improvement...

We feel we have almost completed the overhaul that we set out to complete in June, and as a result are very pleased with what we have achieved, and the improved service it provides for our customers. There is an exciting and busy September/October ahead in preparation for 2012. Our new and exciting activities for London and Nottingham are sure to be a winner with those on their stag do in nottingham and hen do in nottingham as well as London.

Update 5th September 2011

September is upon us...

September and October have become popular months for the Autumn Stag and Hen Parties in the UK and with the weather seeming to be holding out with long sunny days it should be a good year for those planning for September October Weddings.

2012 price update and new packages

We will be working hard in september to get our new 2011/2012 packages ready for our customers. We will not only be renewing our Nottingham packages but bringing in some fantastic new london packages which are long overdue, and a great addition to the site.

Exciting changes and updates

Stag and Hen World has some big improvements on the way for October which will be fantastic for the new stag and hen groups for 2012, and assist them to have unforgettable Stag and Hen Weekends in Nottingham and London.

Photo and Video of the Month

Last chance for groups to get their stag and hen photos and videos in before we make the draw at the end of September. We have seen some brilliant videos and look forward to showing them off at the end of the month

Next update next week...

Update 12th September 2011

A few new meal options...

We are looking to add a few more evening dinner options to our Nottingham activities list with Hooters an obvious place to start for the guys. We are also looking to add a superb Indian Evening Meal package, a Spanish Meal Package and an Italian Meal Package so there's something for the girls too. There's really nothing quite like a great meal after a day of activities in Nottingham so we hope to have these in place by the end of September.

2012 activity update ...

We will be introducing our new packages and activities for 2012 from November 1st, where it is expected to see slight price increase across many activities expecially those again involving fuel, so many of the driving activities. We don't expect too high a price increase but if your planning a Stag or Hen Weekend in 2012 you should get booked up before 1st November to avoid these price hikes, and get the best current rates available.

2011 / 2012 London

2011 through to 2012 will see the introduction of around 50 new activities for London, making sure we are providing you with the best activities for a London Stag Do or Hen Weekend and the best evening options available for our groups. We will be introducing many fantastic bar and club deals in London for 2012.

New packages

We will be introducing our new 2012 packages from 1st November, with the intro of some amazing new London packages for your Hen do in London or Stag night in London. There will be some even better Stag and Hen Packages for Nottingham with the new activities, great evening options and some new ingredients.

Update 26th September 2011

September drawing to a close

September has been a busy month at Stag and Hen World as we continue to make important improvements ready for October. We will be working hard through October to make sure that we can bring you the very best activity prices and package prices for the remainder of 2011 and for the 2012 season for both Nottingham and London.

New Features...

We are keen to get a few new features built into the site before the end of the year to help customers with their activity choices and package options for their Stag do in Nottingham or Hen do in Nottingham and likewise in London. Keen to get these new features implemented before the end of the year we will be working on these through November and December.

New London Hotels...

As part of our quest to introduce London packages for 2012, we will be in talks with some quality London hotel chains, to make sure we can provide excellent, value for money London Hotels to provide the best possible package options for our London Stag do and London hen do groups. We will be in talks with a range of hotels to offer a breadth of 3* to 5* services across central London. Reliable hotels with fantastic customer service and room quality is key for us and October is an important time to get these great hotels on board.

Hen Party Bags

We understand the need for the little but important things and our hen party bags for November 2011 will satisfy the hen party requirements. The hen party bags will feature hen party sashes, luxury chocolates, and other hen party goodies that will be added to every hen party package in Nottingham and London. We know the little things can make a big difference so we are working hard to make sure our Hen Party Bags are the best.

Next Update 3rd October 2011...

Update - October 3rd 2011

Preparation for 2012...

During the next couple months we will preparing ourselves for 2012, making sure we can provide our customers with the very best value for money activities on offer. If you're thinking of booking for 2012, our 2011 prices are still valid until we change out prices in November ready for the new year. With costs expected to rise, it's a good idea to get booked in early for next year.

New packages for Nottingham & London

Through October & November we will be putting together exciting new packages for stag nights in Nottingham and hen nights in Nottingham as well as for the stag night in London and Hen night in London too. We currently do not have any preset packages for London Available so this will be a welcomed addition for those on a hen do in London. Value for money pre set packages that can be adapted to the groups requirements. We will also be looking through our Nottingham Packages and making the packages simpler and more more affordable for our stag and hen groups.

Visiting our suppliers ...

We will be visiting both our London and Nottingham suppliers through the course of this year and early next year to make sure we keep delivering the high standards of activities, we strive to. We feel it's important to provide the reassurance that we can vouch for our activity suppliers and the quality of product they supply and an important aspect of this is our face to face meetings and site visits.

October stag and hens...

With such good weather for the start of October 2011, we expect a lot of Stag and hen groups to be booking for an October Stag and Hen Weekend to make the most of what's left of the good weather. We will be holding our discounted activity prices for both Nottingham and London so get booked in today.

Next Update 10th October 2011

Update - 10th October 2011

Booking for 2012...

Make the most of October & November and get booked up for 2012. It's a great time to get booked up for next year while prices are low, with predicted price increase through the majority of activities, activities and packages will be higher than 2011. However if you get booked up before the end of November 2011 we will be able to honour the current prices and get you booked in. A little pre planning can save you money or get you better activities.

Investing time and money to make London great...

Keeping up to date and delivering great activity ideas for London is always a challenge not only is it a large area to cover, there are so many great stag and hen activities. We want to keep it simple so we will be offering packages with daytime activities and an evening option with accomodation. We know some groups don't mind travelling out to the outskirts for great value activities and some just want to stay in central London. We know that some groups want nice spa hotels and others just want somewhere decent to lay their head at night. So we will be looking to team up with a few hotels to provide the variety.

New London activities...

A stag do in London and a hen do in London should be fantastic and we have a lots of new activities to add to our London activities section through 2011 and into 2012. With a long list of new activities for you, we have our work cut out and we are looking forward to providing a great expanse of stag and hen activities in London for 2012.

Bars and Clubs

As we deliver packages and activities to two great party cities with an amazing selection of bars and clubs we thought its only right we get this right for 2012. We will be providing more details on our bar and club partners and providing you with some great group deals. From drink deals to package deals. There are no shortage of great bars and clubs in Nottingham and London and that's just one of the reason these two cities are huge hits with the stag weekend and hen weekend.

24th October 2011

Stag and Hen London and Nottingham for 2011...

There's still a lot of work to be done in 2011, firstly we have to prepare the 2012 prices for you guys to get you the very best prices and packages around, secondly we are looking to introduce some Hen do in London packages for hen nights in London and hen weekends in London, and thirdly we generally want to spruce up the site with more info and better customer features. November and December will some great changes and additions to improve the site ready for 2012.

Making every section work for you...

It's important that every section has as much information as you need and we continue to update activity pages and general information pages to fulfill your information requirements. We are also working hard to make sure every page is interesting and useful and we have added pictures and videos to relevant sections to make your booking process as simple as possible.

Clarifying sections...

As the site has grown from month to month it sometimes gets a bit crowded and not so straight forward. We will be making changes to improve the structure of the site week by week. So if your looking for details for London or Nottingham they are clearly seperated as well as looking for stag details or hen details.

Continuing to bring more pictures, videos and usability

As we progress through the end of 2011 and into 2012 we are working hard to bring more pictures and videos to each activity so you can make a quicker more informed decision. Continually working to make your work easier and your decisions easier to reach making the whole experience less hassle and stress free.

Key areas we're updating

  • New 2012 prices
  • New London Packages
  • New Nottingham packages
  • Picture and Video Updates
  • Bar, Club & Restuarant Deals
  • Providing more information to make decision making easier
  • Making group booking easier
Continuing to improve through to 2011 for 2012